Welcome Letter from Great Oaks

Welcome to GO-NYC

Welcome, and thank you for visiting our website. Great Oaks Charter, or as we call it on campus, GO-NYC, opened in 2013 with the mission to provide our scholars with a rigorous curriculum in a nurturing environment, one that all students need and deserve.

Our school is designed with a larger purpose in mind: to ensure that our students shape the world and are not defined by it.

Time in class is spent engaging with a thought-provoking curriculum and is led by a teaching staff who have a personal and professional dedication to this work. Our Advisory program meets each morning and explores and celebrates the identity of each one of our students. Our guiding principles of Mastery, Leadership and Community ensure that we support all of our students in becoming the expert, compassionate leaders our city, country and world need.

GO-NYC’s unique partnership with AmeriCorps is like no other. Every GO-NYC scholar receives two full periods of guidance and mentorship with an AmeriCorps Fellow each day. Our school employs 42 full-time Fellows who work to provide intervention and enrichment in small groups.

As a charter school, we have the autonomy to design the necessary opportunities for our students to thrive. Part of this means a longer school year. GO-NYC students attend school for 190 days per year and our school day is approximately 90 minutes longer than most 6-12 schools.

We are extremely proud of our middle schoolers and are even more excited to launch our first cohort of 9th graders. August 2021 marks the launch of our first 9th grade class with the opening of GO-NYC High School.

If you have any questions regarding our school, please don’t hesitate to contact our main office at 212-233-5152 or email [email protected]


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