High School Program


Our advanced coursework prepares students for college and a life of action.

Our academic program offers students a college preparatory curriculum, with the possibility of earning an Advanced Regents diploma, AP and college classes in upper grades, and a strong commitment to equity and social justice.

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Personalized Learning

Every student’s needs and interests are supported through our Fellows Program.

Our cadre of Americorps Fellows work with our students as tutors, advisors, mentors, and coaches. Students at GO-NYC are taught to make use of the expertise of teachers, Fellows and other adults in and out of the building. Protected time in the student schedule allows for students to meet individually and in small groups for support, enrichment and advising over the course of their high school career.

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Each student grapples with real-world problems and learns how to create solutions, leading to their own research project.

The Inquiry pathway courses begin in 9th grade and focus on real-world issues and problems, like poverty, clean water, race, and gender equality. 9th and 10th graders focus on these issues in a global context. In 11th grade, Juniors explore the American social landscape, diving deep into the history of segregation and wealth creation in the United States. In all of these writing-based courses, students develop questions, conduct research and interviews, write and present their work to an authentic audience. The Senior Capstone is a college-level seminar in which students prepare a college-level written and oral presentation on a topic of their choice.

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A community of peers and a strong adult advocate supports each student.

Every student has an Advisor and a group of peers to cheer them on. Our tutors act as mentors, supporting our students on their postsecondary pathway.

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