Eleventh Grade

Eleventh graders navigate the most critical high school year by balancing a rigorous set of courses and beginning an intensive post-secondary planning phase (for both college and career). Juniors may initiate or lead clubs. Flexible time in their schedule is used to pursue deeper research, collaborate with team members, make appointments with teachers, and develop their post-secondary plan.

Theme: Society and Influence

Guiding Questions:

What is a society?
What is the role of the individual in society?
Can society equitably support the needs of all?
How do societies organize, concentrate, and distribute power?

Core Courses

ENGLISH | American Literature or AP Literature
HISTORY | US History + Participation in Government
MATH | Algebra II or Statistics
SCIENCE | Chemistry

Additional Courses

PE | Choice: yoga, running, basketball, soccer
Arts | Choice: visual, theater, music, dance*
LOTE | Spanish II


College Counseling

In 11th grade, students and families will be invited to College Advising Sessions, where the college counselor and advisors will walk families through relevant application and financial aid information. Students will continue to visit college campuses, with two visits to institutions outside of NYC.