Middle School Program


Our rigorous coursework prepares students for high school and a life of action.

Our academic program ensures that students are prepared for our high school, which offers a college preparatory curriculum that includes AP and college classes. Middle schoolers learn the necessary academic and social skills to thrive in a demanding environment without sacrificing fun and a strong commitment to equity and social justice.

Personalized Learning

Every student’s needs and interests are supported through our Fellows Program.

Our cadre of Americorps Fellows work with our students as tutors, advisors, mentors, and coaches. Students at GO-NYC are taught to make use of the expertise of teachers, Fellows and other adults in and out of the building. Protected time in the student schedule ensures that each student receives up to two hours of personalized tutoring a day in English and Math.


A community of peers and strong adult advocates support each student.

Each Advisory, called a Lion’s Den, consists of a strong adult advocate and peers who cheer on each student. Lion’s Den enhances student experience through a curriculum that promotes social-emotional learning and celebrates the identities of our student body. Our tutors act as mentors, supporting our students with promoting skills for Mastery, Leadership, and Community, and making sure that each child is known and cared for.