Why do families choose our schools?

Unparalleled Individualized Instruction

In addition to a rigorous array of classes, including the arts, all GO-NYC students receive two hours of small-group mentoring from our Fellows every single day. Our mentoring model enables students to catch up if they have fallen behind and pushes them to go even further when they’re excelling academically. Furthermore, our Fellows serve as mentors to our students, doing everything they can to encourage success both in and outside of the classroom.

Commitment to Family and Community Engagement

GO-NYC parents and guardians are essential members of our community. As such, we regularly invite them to a variety of school events, ranging from report card conferences to ceremonies to honor students’ success. Additionally, our fellows and staff members regularly call home to give updates on student progress.

High Expectations for Success in College and Beyond

Every student deserves a chance to succeed in college and life afterwards. We set the bar high for how our students perform academically and how they carry themselves. We have similarly high expectations for our fellows, teachers, and staff members, and they work relentlessly to support our students. At GO-NYC, students and families can expect a rigorous curriculum, a focused learning environment, and a team dedicated to success.

Every child deserves a chance to thrive. GO-NYC strives to give every student the opportunity to succeed in college and life beyond. We are now accepting students for the 2023-24 school year for both Middle Shool and High School.

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