Senior Year

Twelfth graders are primed to manage life after high school, with college acceptances in hand, and concrete plans for how they’ll navigate money, time, and opportunity once they graduate. Seniors pursue and present an independent research/action project to an authentic audience. Seniors also often lead clubs or teams, serve as mentors to their younger peers, and work/volunteer outside of school. Seniors can use time in their schedule to pursue an Advanced Regents diploma, extend their research options for their Senior Capstone, take college courses or ensure that they have filled all New York State graduation requirements.

Theme: World and Impact

Guiding Questions:

How can I shape the world?
What is my obligation to the global community?
How can I ensure our world is improved for future generations?

Core Courses

ENGLISH | Electives, AP or college courses
HUMANITIES | Inquiry: Senior Capstone Seminar
HISTORY | Electives or AP + Economics
MATH | Pre-Calculus, Calculus or AP Statistics
SCIENCE | Physics or Electives

Additional Courses

Health | CPR
PE | Choice: yoga, running, basketball, soccer
Arts | Choice: visual, theater, music, dance*
LOTE | Spanish III or AP Language


The Senior Capstone

The Senior Capstone is the culmination of a set of four-year inquiry experiences that enables students to pursue a deep interest in a rigorous, authentic way. This interest could be attached to a higher good, a global issue or policy, or something they would like to change, implement, or initiate in their communities. Having mastered extended writing projects over the course of grades 9-11, and having learned to conduct research, cite sources, and develop questions worth answering, The Senior Capstone provides an opportunity for students to engage in college-level research and writing before graduation.

The Senior Capstone is a Great Oaks graduation requirement.

College Counseling

12th graders start the year with a personalized conference with the college counselor, focusing on student interests, academic profile, and support for families with financial aid and scholarship opportunities. Students and families will be guided through the college application process over the course of the year.